Tuesday, April 16, 2013

On Pregnancy...

Things I Kind of Hate About Being Pregnant:
  • accidentally running into things because I've forgotten just how large my belly is
  • nausea
  • incessant worry that something is wrong with your baby
  • heartburn
  • being unable to bend down and pick stuff up
  • the fact that almost every conversation with other women must somehow involve personal details about your pregnancy: "Are you having trouble pooping?  I did with my kids..."  People, this is not normal.
  • when my baby decides it doesn't have enough room and tries to stretch my stomach out further
  • unsolicited advice from people who I would not ask for parenting advice
  • no beer, sushi or feta cheese
  • labor...it's coming whether I'm freaked out or not
  • everyone assuming that any angry or sad feelings I have are solely hormone related and disregarding them
Things I Kind of Love About Being Pregnant:
  • pregnant belly sticking out = cute, whereas pre-pregnant belly sticking out = not so much
  • I get to hold my little one in a few weeks
  • baby hiccups
  • feeling the baby kick and roll 
  • no guilt about eating ice cream a couple times a week
  • watching my belly twitch
  • knowing that Hubs will be an amazing dad
On the whole, it's been a pretty good few months.  Yes, I got really sick at the beginning and yes, I've had my share of moments when I swore we would adopt the rest of our children.  And I'll never be one of those women who waxes poetic about how awesome it is to be pregnant.  But I am continuously grateful for this little life that God has lent to our care, and I'm so excited to watch what He does in and through our baby.


Saturday, December 22, 2012


My heart hurts today.

Not for myself.  I have faith that sustains me, a squirmy little baby in my belly, a hardworking husband who is enjoying his one day of the week to sleep in, a warm home, a job I love, family who supports and loves us, and friends who can love me better than I love myself some days.

My heart hurts for others today.  For uncontrollable circumstances, for court dates and foster care appointments, for the sinking sadness that grips some at the holidays.  For those who have lost loved ones and are trying to get through, for those who don't have adequate food, safe shelter or love.

My heart hurts for those who have no idea that God came to earth just to know them and be known by them.

It is strange, surely, to be so surrounded by blessings and yet have such a heavy heart.

And so I look forward with the kind of hope that only a Christian can dare to have...not because of anything I am, but because I know that God wins.  Oppression, sadness, injustice and hatred will cease.  That day is coming, but not quite yet.