Tuesday, April 16, 2013

On Pregnancy...

Things I Kind of Hate About Being Pregnant:
  • accidentally running into things because I've forgotten just how large my belly is
  • nausea
  • incessant worry that something is wrong with your baby
  • heartburn
  • being unable to bend down and pick stuff up
  • the fact that almost every conversation with other women must somehow involve personal details about your pregnancy: "Are you having trouble pooping?  I did with my kids..."  People, this is not normal.
  • when my baby decides it doesn't have enough room and tries to stretch my stomach out further
  • unsolicited advice from people who I would not ask for parenting advice
  • no beer, sushi or feta cheese
  • labor...it's coming whether I'm freaked out or not
  • everyone assuming that any angry or sad feelings I have are solely hormone related and disregarding them
Things I Kind of Love About Being Pregnant:
  • pregnant belly sticking out = cute, whereas pre-pregnant belly sticking out = not so much
  • I get to hold my little one in a few weeks
  • baby hiccups
  • feeling the baby kick and roll 
  • no guilt about eating ice cream a couple times a week
  • watching my belly twitch
  • knowing that Hubs will be an amazing dad
On the whole, it's been a pretty good few months.  Yes, I got really sick at the beginning and yes, I've had my share of moments when I swore we would adopt the rest of our children.  And I'll never be one of those women who waxes poetic about how awesome it is to be pregnant.  But I am continuously grateful for this little life that God has lent to our care, and I'm so excited to watch what He does in and through our baby.


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